ZAKsan ®  33%N


Thomas Bell are proud to introduce Zaksan® 33  granular fertiliser manufactured in Poland by Grupa Azoty.

Application of ZAKsan® 33

With the correct spreader settings Zaksan® 33 can achieve bouts of 42 metres.


Product Description
Granular fertiliser, uniform granules of colour from white to beige. Granule size of 2-5mm.


Cost Effective Solution
Zaksan® 33 is a cost effective alternative to the quality end of the market and for farmers that want to spread to bouts of 42 metres.


Available in 600kg bags.

Granular Ammonium Nitrate for farmers who want to spread to bouts of 42 metres

Zaksan® Granular Ammonium Nitrate has been tested by SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd the UK's leading spreader calibration service.


Please use the below settings as a guide. We advise you to contact your spreader manufacturer or SCS Spreader and Sprayer Testing Ltd to set up your spreader prior to fertiliser application. The settings below are from practical tests in a field carried out by SCS. 





Fertiliser Analysis

Bulk Density (kg/l) 0.91      
Strength (kg) 6.7      
Size Analysis (mm) 0 - 2   2 - 3.3 3.3 - 4.75  > 4.75
Average 0 1 95 4
Lorem ipsum 1 Lorem ipsum 2 Lorem ipsum 3
Dolor Sit 0123-4
Consectetur Adipisicing 5678-9

Zaksan® 33 Downloads

Zaksan® 33 Spec Sheet
01 SPEC SHEET ZAKsan 33 02.12.2019 EN.PD[...]
PDF File [124.8 KB]
Zaksan® 33 Safety Data Sheet
02 SAFETY DATA SHEET ZAKsan33 01.02.2019[...]
PDF File [251.1 KB]
Zaksan® 33 Certificate of Analysis
PDF File [580.8 KB]

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