Granular Urea and Prilled Urea

Urea fertiliser is a high quality concentration granular nitrogen product for all non-leguminous crops.


Granular Urea (46% N) is produced from ammonia and carbon dioxide, and has the highest nitrogen content of any solid nitrogen fertiliser.


Our UREA is of the highest standard from reputable manufacturers. Available in either 600kg,1000kg bags or bulk.


Granular UREA
• Granulometry 2 - 4mm.
• Spreads accurately up to 32 metres.

Prilled UREA
• Most competitive source of N, ideal for pneumatic spreader application or liquefying.
• Granulometry 1 - 3mm.
• Consistent high quality material.


N-Shield® protected by Limus®

N-Shield® fertilisers are protected by Limus®, a unique urease inhibitor, which offers a range of benefits to farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Urea lose appreciable amounts of Ammonia to the atmosphere when applied?
No, in most application conditions and soil types, any atmospheric N loss is nominal and no more than with AN. The only conditions of any significance where nitrogen loss may be measurable are on very sandy or light chalky soils, when urea is top dressed onto moist soils and followed by over two weeks of warm and dry weather.

Does Urea have a higher density compared to Ammonium Nitrate?
No, not in respect of nutrient in each Tonne. Each Tonne of urea contains 920 units of N (460 kg/N) compared to 690 units of N (345 kg/N) in a bag of AN.

Are the Application rates for Urea different than for Ammonium Nitrate?
Only in respect that each 50kg bag applies 46 units (23kg) of N compared to a bag of AN applying 34.5% units (17.25kg) of N. Therefore application rates usually used when applying AN should be reduced by 25% for urea application.

Does Urea store over a season?
Urea has excellent storage characteristics, even in bulk. The products are coated with an anti-caking agent and the quality should not deteriorate through lengthy storage. Bulk urea represents even higher savings, and when stored forms a thin protective casing. All fertilisers must be stored under cover and in dry conditions.

Does Urea spread as well as other fertilisers?
Using the correct calibrated spreader for the recommended urea type, urea spreads accurately.
Recent spreader trials on granular urea to bouts up to 32 metres produced a very low coefficient of variance of 7%. Granular urea (specification 2 -4mm) is a premium quality product with a low cost per unit of N.


The granulometry and density are adequate for broadcasting application bouts of up to 32 metres. Granular urea arguably has sufficient characteristics to spread as well as any other product on the market.


Prilled urea (specification 1 - 3mm) is ideal for broadcasting up to 12 metres or application through a pneumatic type spreader. Prilled product is most suited for use in liquids.




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