Recommended use for DOMOGRAN®

Ammonium sulphate is most effective on neutral to alkaline soils. Nitrification in acid soils is slower than in alkaline soils. This should be taken into account for scheduling the fertilizing date.


Administering large amounts of DOMOGRAN® 45 requires soils with a good buffering capacity (unbound Ca). The potassium portion in cation exchangers should be < 6 %.


Ammonium (NH4+) is absorbed by the clay and humus colloids. Only when the substance is decomposed to form nitrate (NO3-), a relocation of the nitrogen to deeper soil layers takes place. This advantage shows its special effect in connection with sprinkling cultures as well as in areas of high rainfall.


As has been proven, apart from phosphorus, ammonium nitrogen efficiently supports the growth of roots. This results in a more vigorous plant growth on the basis of an enhanced utilisation of nutrients and waters.


The application of the autumn/winter fertilization with lime fertilizer containing magnesium allows rendering more efficient the positive effect of the ammonium fertilization in spring in an efficiency-oriented economy. The acid effect of DOMOGRAN® 45 enhances the decomposition of magnesium carbonate and dolomite lime.


Apart from the improvement of the soil physics due to liming, Mg absorption is increased at the same time.


DOMOGRAN® 45, as a top dressing fertilizer to be applied in early spring for the non-active winter grains, provides the required nitrogen and sulphur just when the plant growth starts off. In addition to the advantages for the work management processes, this product offers new possibilities of inventory control.


Very good storage properties

  • maximum store room utilisation because of 45 % plant nutrient content and high bulk density (1 kg/dm³)

Free-flowing because of anticaking agent and 9 month storable


Flexible application

  • suitable for pure Ammonium-/ Nitrate- fertilizer strategies
  • combination with other Fertilizer in different kind of crops

Required secondary effects

  • availability of 8 soil nutrients

Long time scientific and practical experience

  • application of ammonium sulphate fertilizer since 1864
  • development of methods to manufacture coarser particle size to improve spread abilities


Product Advantages

  • Nitrogen as Ammonium ion provides a positive effect on the root growth.
  • Sulphur is directly absorbed through the roots in the form of sulphate.
  • Partially acidifying the soil improves the take up of phosphorus and makes the availability of the micro nutrients Mn, Fe, B, Cu and Zn more certain.
  • Well-defined grain size improves an efficient application.


Bulk Density: 1.02 kg/litre

Spreader Settings

Thomas Bell would like to highlight the setting values stated in the setting charts are only provided as a guide and we fully recommend you commission your own tray test with


It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure the fertiliser is applied at the correct application rate. If you cannot find your spreader below, please refer to your spreader manufacturers website.

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