Security and Storage

How to store your fertiliser?

Your fertiliser should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated warehouses, in stacks comprising no more than 12 layers (bags up to 50 kg); or in the case of big bags up to 600 kg – 2 layers. It should not be stored under open-sided shelters and in open space. 

The PULAN® ammonium nitrate should be protected against: 

  • water and precipitation
  • mechanical damage to packaging
  • heating over 30°C.

Growers are encouraged to adopt the advice on 10 Point Plan aimed at securing fertiliser on farm.


Secure your Fertiliser 10 Point Plan

  1. Do not store fertiliser where there is public access
  2. Do not leave fertiliser in the field overnight
  3. Do not store fertiliser near to, or visible from the public highway
  4. It is an offence to sell-on Ammounium Nitrate fertilisers without the proper certification
  5. Do purchase your fertiliser from a FIAS approved supplier
  6. Do retain and file all fertiliser delivery notes
  7. Do, wherever possible and with regard to HSE safety guidance, store fertiliser inside a locked building or a compound
  8. Do fully sheet fertiliser when outside and regularly check to ensure the stack has not been tampered with in any way
  9. Do carry out regular stock checks
  10. Do report any stock discrepancy or loss to the police immediately

FIAS - Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme

Thomas Bell & Sons Ltd are a member of the UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme and is certified under the Manufacturing, Merchanting and Haulage schemes. Thomas Bell utilise FIAS certified third-party hauliers to transport in moving products from ports across the UK to farm. Non FIAS merchants have restrictions on the products they are allowed to purchase.

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