Direct from 'factory to farm'

Our transport division helps to provide our customers with a first class service direct from ‘factory to farm’. Having this control within our operations ensures that every step of the process is monitored and a high level of service is provided.


This area of our business also allows us to quickly adapt to changes and support our customer needs. We can offer delivery of full loads, part loads and multiple drop deliveries at relatively short notice.


Unrivalled Customer Service

Our in house team are able to respond quickly to any enquiries relating to deliveries. We have the ability to provide real time updates to ensure the delivery gets there on time. We understand our customer is busy and we will do our very best to work around their requests.

Dedicated Planning
Our transport planning team work together to maximise driver performance. Every delivery is planned and routed with precision and with the customer in mind.

Responsible Transport
Our modern fleet include a range of Euro 6 trucks which help to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. All vehicles are fitted with ADR equipment and operate XL rated trailers with load bearing curtains.

FIAS Approved Haulier
We are FIAS accredited for the carriage of fertiliser which we carry throughout the UK and are fully compliant with all procedures and standards associated with it.

Hazardous Cargo Specialists
All drivers are ADR trained. This is an essential, legal requirement when transporting dangerous goods.

We are always looking for reputable hauliers

Thomas Bell are always looking for reputable FIAS assured hauliers. Excellent customer service, strong communication skills and organisation are to key attirbutes required to support the transportation of fertiliser. If you are looking for loads, ADR trained and qualified for the carriage of dangerous goods then please give us a call on 01652 652933


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